Take A To Castelo Branco To Enjoy Its Beauty

The city Castelo Branco welcomes every tourist who has the desire to see the world. This city should not be out of the list and of any travelers. This is basically a city that could be called as not too small and not a big one, but offer ample fun and entertainment to visitors. The scenic beauty of the place is unbelievable. Let’s have a look at the city attraction from my eye.

Most of the tourists start their trip to the city taking blessings from God, visiting the church cathedral also called the church of São Miguel. This is an old church and holds great historical importance. The church is the Catholic Diocese of Portalegre-Castelo Branco’s official site. After this we move forward to Francisco Tavares Proença Junior Museum. It is located in the old Bishop’s Palace name Bishop of Guarda. The museum has an impressive collection of silk bedspread. This awesome collection is world famous. The museum has some other interesting collection of art picked and showcased from all over the world.

According to me as well as other tourists, the third main attraction of the city is Museu Cargaleiro. The museum has two buildings, the one is a historical building and another one is the new one. The historical building is known by the name “Manor of Knights”, the building was built in the 18th century.

The museum has everything that a museum usually has; in addition to that, it has many entertainment options like shows and activities. There is an education section also present inside the museum.

The Museu De Arte Sacra De Arouca is another major attraction of the city and I loved the place a lot. The monastery has been made the museum and thus, it is magnificent. Additionally, the museum has some exclusive collection, which you will love to see.