Roubaix – A Heritage City You Will Love to Explore

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In my travels across northern France, I came across Roubaix. This town was known for its textile industry and that forms a distinct part of its history and much of its specialty even today. When I came here I discovered that there are beautiful historic sites to see as well, especially by the Grand ‘Place square. My old friend who works at Alaska Back Care had mentioned visiting the last time we spoke.  He said this is a lively city and that if you visit, you will get an amazing local culture vibe.  There is so much to see and do & we were overwhelmed when visiting but glad to make the trip.

Saint Martin Church

As I took a walking tour around the city, this is one of the old religious buildings I came across. It dates back, as old as the ninth century and it is worth visiting. It has been rebuilt in the fifteenth as well as the sixteenth century and that makes this historic site a rich heritage landmark. You will admire the Watteau paintings here as well as the ancient architectural structure.

Saint Joseph Church

This was my next stop, albeit a close one. This is also a heritage site, built in the nineteenth century with neo-Gothic architectural elements. It exemplifies work of Jean-Baptiste Bethune.

Other Religious Sites

There are several old religious buildings to explore here such as Carmelite chapel, the church of Fathers Recollects, St John Baptist church and so forth, most of them dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

National Archives

This is a curious landmark that you should not miss. When I came here I found that it was an old cotton mill which today houses historic monuments as well. Here you will discover a 34 hectares park Barbieux and the Coliseum Roubaix that is a national center of choreography.

As you explore the city, you realize that all parts of it, whether it is the town hall or the Roubaix station, are architectural works that are distinct and well preserved. I did not miss stopping by the local marketplaces and picked up some fine samples of their local textile works.