Patan: Experiencing the Quaint Little City

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When I visited Nepal, I saw that most of the activities involved seeing temples and famous religious places. However, Patan has so much more to offer to the tourists. I spent a weekend here to make sure that I do not miss out on anything. There are so many things to see and do. Take a quick look at some of the things which I did and explored.

Visit Patan Museum

This is to be found in Durbar Square. I visited this the day I visited the square. If you have a ticket to the square, you need not get another one. There is a little garden at the back. I found many places to sit and relax. In fact, you will also find a café in here. Take a break from the dusty roads and the sweltering sun to relax in here. Inside the museum, you will find an architectural setting with holy arts. It has exhibits of fine arts and crafts which belonged to Malla kings

Get Lost in the Narrow Lanes

Take a stroll around the narrow lanes of the city. I simply loved wandering around the tiny alleys. These streets open up to large and beautiful squares. Every square has a small place of worship for the people of the area. Some of the streets also open up to little green parks. I spend hours getting to know the city on foot.

Visit the Pimbahal Pond

I found this off the beaten path. However, it was surely worth the visit. You will find a temple behind it called the Chandeswari Temple. There are several ducks in here. You can feed and spend a relaxing time watching them. I visited in the morning to avoid the heat. However, if you are visiting in winter, you can go during day time, too.