Harbin – The Chinese City With Russian Architect

During your visit to Harbin, if you get the feeling that you are in some European country, then do not be amazed. You will find many Russian architects in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang and the reason for the same is when the city modernized it had the huge influx of engineers from Russia and they constructed many structures here.

Some of the prominent Russian architecture in the city is Saint Sophia Cathedral; this is history museum at the present time and the cobbled Zhongyang Dajie.

In addition to the architect, this city has many other attractions. Here are the top attractions of the city.

  • Yabuli Ski Resort

This is the largest ski resort in China and here you can enjoy lots of adventure with friends and family. The spot witnesses a huge influx of visitors throughout the year. I thoroughly enjoyed at the place and tried lots of stunts. The best part of this ski resort is the ski jumping, it is the largest in the country.

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral, Hardin

This is Russian church; it is constructed in Byzantine architectural style and one of the Harbin’s main attractions. I visited the church at the night and I was amazed by the beauty of this church, the people, surroundings, etc.

  • Jingpo Lake

To view the mesmerizing beauty of Jingpo Lake, you will have to travel a bit. This lake is present at the top of the Mudan River. But, once you will reach the point, you love to see this beautiful lake and it’s freshwater. However, you will have to be careful as waterfalls at a very high speed.

  • Zhaolin Park

This is the venue of the biggest ice and snow competition in the world. If you are visiting the city during the festival time, surely become the part of it. I missed the show this time but will catch it soon.