Haikou: Lose Yourself In The Diversities Of The City

The pleasant beachside location of Haikou took my heart away.  There are many things that you can do in the city. Here some best activities that you can be a part of in Haikou.

  • Visit the museum

Haikou’s Hainan Provincial Museum is worth a visit. Take out some time and explore the exhibits where you will come across the relics of the natural history of Hainan along with the local culture and minority populations. Entry is free but you need to provide a photo ID proof. The exhibits feature signs in Chinese and English. Also, you will be provided with audio guides in Chinese, English, Russian, and Japanese.

  • Take a walk at mangrove forest

Mangrove Forest is situated in Dongzhai Port is a prime tourist attraction. UNESCO has declared this as a world heritage site. It is about 50 miles long. The forest covers an area of 4000 square meters. You will find 6 rivers along with tidewater gullies and many bays. The trees grow from the shallow water and the intricate roots anchor the soil. It makes an amazing environment for wildlife to survive.

  • Soak in the water of mission hill’s hot springs

Traveling somewhere can be pretty exhausting. Spend a relaxing time in therapeutic water of cold and hot springs at the Volcanic Mineral Springs. All the springs contain spice, herb, or something that offers therapeutic benefits. Some of the available springs are Mud Fountain, Mint Spring, Crystal Energy, Dead Sea Spring, Coffee Spring, and Aqua Massage Spring, etc.

  • Take a step into the movie town

Movie Town is a street which is laid out like the movie sets of old time. Dress up using the period costumes and click photos on South China Street, Socialism Street, and 1942 Street. This theme park also has restaurants, shops, theatres, and performances that you can enjoy.