Guiyang – The Land Of Karst

If you are planning a trip to Guiyang recently then you seem to land up in the right place. It is so because in this page I will be sharing my personal experience with you when I visited the place. This city is the capital of the Guizhou province of China. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this city was a pleasant climate. It is renowned for the colorful culture it has, which is represented by different ethnic groups and a special form of landform, Karst. Let’s have a quick look at the other attractions of this city.

  • Tower of Jiaxiu

This is a big tower of wood which is built on Nanming River, on a stone which is shaped like a huge turtle. The scenery of this place is outstanding and it is considered as one of the cultural symbol and landmark of this city. This place is a must-visit.

    • Stream Park of Flowers

This park is situated at the center of the scenery of stream flowers. With pretty hills and swift rivers, amazing scenic beauty, and calm environment, this place is too beautiful to experience.

  • Provincial Museum, Guizhou

This museum is situated near the Centre of International Conference.  It contains a huge number of fossils, pictures, weapons, handicrafts and other things of historical importance. If you visit this place you will get a clear idea about the varied culture that the region possesses. This museum presents many instances of crafts that the local people do including embroidery, batik, cross stitches etc. I possess a keen liking for such historical things and I liked this place a lot.

  • Xiangzhi Valley

This beautiful valley is located almost 40 kilometers from the main city. It derives its name from its traditional products, Xiang Zhi which means ‘fragrant paper’. This paper was made from bamboo and was used to treat the dead. The beautiful scenery that adorns this place consists of mountains, rivers, forests and karst caves. This place will also provide you with a feeling of thrill and adventure given its mysterious environment and is one of my personal favorites.  If you are an adventure-lover, make sure you do not miss out on this amazing place.