Explore Wiesbaden To Know More About Its Architecture And Grasslands

This is one of the oldest towns in Europe known for its great spas in Wiesbaden. This city is the capital the Hesse state in Germany. There are over 14 hot springs and many other rejuvenation options. I had the opportunity to try out some of the spas and it was totally rejuvenating.

The temptations that would drive you to visit this attractive looking German city are given below.

  • Kurpark

This is an expansive English garden that was designed in 1852. If you love leisure walk and enjoy the flora on offer, then it is worth visiting this park. You will find many azaleas, magnolias, and cypresses here. You can also take a small boat ride around the pond. It features a 19-foot long fountain.

  • St. Elizabeth’s Church

This is the only Russian church in this small town and was completed in 1855. You will find the largest Russian Orthodox cemetery of the whole of Europe in this church. The traditional look of the Russian churches with golden domes and Orthodox crosses are seen in this church as well. The angelic murals, the golden dome, the marble tomb, and the cemetery are all the spots that you should not miss when visiting this church.

  • Neroberg Mountain Railway

Take a ride on this cable car that is powered by water to get a Birdseye view of the rooftops of Wiesbaden. The technology used to carry the passengers up and down the hill has been working since 1888. Many people come here just to enjoy the ride on this water-powered cable car. It is part of history. The cable car will take you to the Russian church. The carriage takes about 3 to 4 minutes to reach each station. I was happy that I took this cable car ride which could be just a one-off ride in your whole lifetime.