Cascais – A Seaside Wonder

Cascais is a small city in Portugal that falls in the Greater Lisbon sub-region. The city located on the banks of the Portuguese Riviera is a perfect place for a weeklong summer vacation. The beauty of the seaside town in Cascais has always attracted tourists and travelers from different parts of the world. Most of my days in Cascais were spent on city tours that took me to several historic sites and specialty museums.  The city also has lots of places for outing activities like beaches and parks. The best spots to visit in Cascais are as follows.

Condes De Castro Guimarães Museum

The museum was originally a summer residence built in 1900. In 1931 it was converted into a museum that houses some of the most antique relics and artworks like international paintings, jewelry, porcelain, and furniture. The museum is known for its collection of 16th-century manuscripts. There is also a neo-Gothic organ of historic importance. If you are interested in historic artworks, the place would definitely delight you.

Marechal Carmona Park

If you are looking for a tranquil spot nestled among trees and wildlife, visit the park of Marechal Carmona. The place has a beautiful duck pond where you can see lots of ducks, Peahens, and terrapins. There is a cafe in the park that offers great food and refreshments for the visitors. The park houses a library and a play center for kids. The entire area is surrounded by natural foliage and large shady trees. My day-long picnic at this exquisite park was truly rejuvenating.

Guincho Beach

Located near Sintra Hills, the Guincho Beach offers the best beach experience in the city. Surfing is the major tourist activity in this place. But if you are not looking for any adventure, you can simply relax on the beach and enjoy the incessant sea breeze. I had a great time at the beach bar that serves mouth-watering traditional cuisines and beverages.