Braganca – A Splendid City Built In Two Parts

A city which is seen in two parts is definitely one of the gorgeous cities in Portugal. The high ground of the city is ruled by the castle and citadel while the new town is situated on the banks of Fervenca River. The surprising part is that the new town is not very new as the cathedral is in existence from the 1500s. This is one of the reasons why Braganca is such a popular city. The medieval castle and citadel are in good shape with details that are original and the quiet neighborhood of cobblestone roads are covered by the walls. There are best attractions and some of the prime spots are as follows.

  • Castle of Braganca

The castle is above the citadel of the city and the 15th century keep is seen from miles around. The castle is 17 meters wide and as far as the height is concerned it is 33 meters. It was built over a stronghold which dates back to the 12th century. One of the beauties of the place is that there is not much of renovation or restoration required and hence one can see the original castle that has been there since the 15th century. The other attractions here include the small gothic flourishes such as the coat of arms of King John and tracery windows.

  • Domus Municipalis

The granite building in the middle of the citadel has kept people wondering for over a century now. Historians are unsure of what was it actually meant for or the reason for its construction. As per the estimations made by some, it may have been built as a public meeting hall. It is one and only example, as far as Romanesque civic architecture is concerned in Portugal. There is a sequence of arch windows which allows the light to enter inside and a stone bench can be seen on the interior of the first floor.